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Website Development 101
Here are the steps, phases, and considerations that need to be undertaken when building a new website and Gwebassist can help you work through all of them. Click here to view some samples of my work.

Graphic Design
How important is the look of your website and what would you like it to look like? Do you already have some sort of branding and graphic design associated with your organization or are you starting with a clean slate?

Websites templates designed by professional graphic designers can be viewed and purchased inexpensively from companies like Once a template is selected it can be modified to fit your needs. An example of this process would be and the template they started with.

If you are not interested in purchasing a third party template then Gwebassist can create a simple graphic design for you. An example of a simple design would be

For organizations that require a sophisticated looking website and possible overall business branding that is uniquely their own then Gwebassist can leverage the graphic design expertise of a company like to create a website like

Website Goals
What do you need your website to do for you?
Does your website need to bring in new business leads? Do you need a high search engine ranking so that potential new users/clients can find you and your business? Do you have business processes that could be automated so that your business can be more streamlined and effective? How do you see your website helping you and what are the possibilities of your website that you haven't thought about?

Content Design?
What do you have to say? The Internet was built on information and what you have to say about your organization should be the backbone of what your website is all about. Content is the key to high rankings on Google, and knowing what content your potential customers are looking for is key to getting them to your site. Once you have users on your site your content needs to be well organized and straight forward so that users will stay on your site. Does your website need to allow customers to securely interact with their private data? How can you leverage your content to find new customers, while at the same time giving better service to existing customers? These are all different facets of content design that need to be considered when building a website.

Website Hosting
Where is your website going to live? Do you have your own space on a server or do you need help finding a hosting solution that will fully support all the needs of your website and your business? Gwebassist does not offer hosting services because that is not our business. There are numerous businesses on the Internet that specialize in providing cost effective hosting and email services and Gwebassist can help you find and set-up one that works best for you.

Dynamic vs. Static
Do you require a simple website solution that will not change a great deal or do you have a business or business function that requires a database driven solution that will allow for users to interact with your website?

Technical Design
Websites are always changing and growing, the more the better. Your website will need to be designed in such a way that allows it to be easily updated and changed so it can grow with you. You don't want to spend money building a website only to discover it can't accommodate some sort of addition or change that your business requires. At Gwebassist our goal is to make your website efficient and flexible using technology like CSS and include files so that your website can grow and adapt to whatever may come down the road. Check out an overview of some possible technical features.

Open Door Development
Once all the above factors have been accounted for the actual development of your website can begin. Gwebassist likes to develop your website online in a way that you can watch it grow so you know what you are getting. Once you and your website are ready your website can quickly and easily go public. Developing a website should be an interesting and exciting process. It is the job of Gwebassist to help you as much as you need to get your website development done.

Ongoing Support
Once your website is up and running Gwebassist is available to manage ongoing help with updates and changes as they are needed. Help is always available when you're working with Gwebassist.


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