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Website Design Features

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): All of the websites developed by GwebAssist take advantage of CSS. CSS is a technique that separates a website's design features from its content. There are a number of advantages to employing CSS in a website. The most important is that some changes can be made to the website from a single file location, which saves time and cost in the maintenance and upkeep of a website. Also, since a website's design elements are contained in a single file websites developed with CSS have a more uniform look to them.

Another advantage is the use of text based links for the navigation. The links have been formatted with CSS to improve their graphical appearance. The advantage of this approach is three fold. First the text of each link can be easily changed since it is text and not a graphic image. Secondly, since the navigation is flexible, the links can be easily added or removed from the navigation structure quickly and easily as the site changes over time. Finally text based links have an advantage with search engines since the search spiders can read the text of the link, which is not the case with a graphical button.

CSS also allows for the use of a number of special effects. One example is pop-ups. This technique can be used with text or pictures. If you mouse over the picture below you will see how this technique works.

CSS Pop-up Example:
CSS pop-up example

Include Files: Like style sheets Include Files allow for sections of the website to be updated from a single file location. This feature allows for some sections, like the navigation, footer, or header files, of the website to be updated quickly and easily. For instance, if you have 30 pages in your website with your address at the bottom of each page, then any change to that information would have to be done in the 30 different places. However, with an “include file” that address is stored in one single file. This means that any changes can be made in one single update regardless of how many pages display it, saving time and money.

Databases: Databases are used for storing information. If your website collects any kind of information from users then you will probably want to store that information in a database. If your website is display products or a lot of information then you may want to retrieve that information from a database. Databases are powerful tools that can give you greater control over your website and the information associated with it.

Forms: Forms allow for the collection of information from users and can be one of the most important parts of a website. Forms allow websites, and their owners, to interact and collect valuable information from their users. From a simple contact us form to something more complex like a job application, forms can be an important addition to your website.

Automated Email: Having automated email features in your website can be very useful. For instance you can be notified any time someone fills out one of your web forms or if there is some kind of problem with your website. Automated email systems can also be used to send out messages to a list of email address from a single location, which can be a valuable communication tool. Automated email features allow for a website to communicate to its owner and its users.

These are just some of the features available that GwebAssist can employ when developing your website. Contact GwebAssist today to see what we can do for you.


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